Employee Benefit Program

Distinguish your company with a unique HR benefit

Retain and recruit the best talent with a concierge service that helps your employees save money while benefitting the environment.

MyDomino helps your business

Employee benefits are among the top considerations of job candidates. An innovative program like MyDomino can help attract and retain valuable talent.

Show your company’s commitment to your employees and to a cleaner environment. With MyDomino, you can go beyond greening your workplace and make a significant impact.

Improve employee recruitment and retention

Save employees time and money

MyDomino helps employees in a meaningful way—allowing them to not only save time and money but also participate in a bigger cause.

Enhance company image and CSR goals

All employees receive

Original content, guides, and how-to's that keep your employees up to date on the latest ways they can easily make an immediate impact on their carbon footprint.

Onsite brown-bags and webinars

Ongoing sustainability insights, research, and advice

Unbiased reviews based on our own in-depth product testing that can help your employees make smarter decisions, reduce research time, and save money.

Ongoing access to a concierge who gives personalized advice to both renters and homeowners on switching to wind power, solar, LED bulbs, and much more.

The latest clean energy product recommendations

A kickoff orientation, as well as recurring brown-bag sessions or webinars on clean energy topics relevant to your employees.

Personal energy savings concierge

Our members love MyDomino

"After researching solar options on the internet, I became more confused. Fortunately, I came across MyDomino. Now my electric bills are dramatically reduced!"

"I can't even put into words how easy you made it for us to save on our power bill. Thank you so much!"

“With MyDomino, I didn't have to think too hard about all my options. With very little effort on my part, I'll be saving hundreds a month and using clean energy."

- Julia B. 

San Francisco, CA

“MyDomino was a lifesaver! Thanks to our concierge's help finding us the perfect financing option, we can feel good knowing we're powering our home with clean energy."

"I’ve been thinking about switching to clean energy for years, but actually doing it was daunting. Thank goodness for MyDomino!"

- Chris K. 

Palm Bay, FL

- Susan P.

Weston, CT

- David H.

San Jose, CA

- Mike W. 

Fresno, CA

"What an amazing resource for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint! I was really impressed. I highly recommend MyDomino."

- Phyllis H.

San Carlos, CA

About MyDomino

MyDomino's mission is to create one billion actions toward our clean energy future.

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